Bring Your Own Car Licensing Course

If you are looking to get your NHRA License or just want to get some personalized training in your own car, this one day course is just for you.

Small class sizes and individualized attention makes this a perfect opportunity for you to brush up on your skills and gain some on-track time, even if you’re not looking to get licensed. Our professionally licensed instructors will work directly with you to help you improve your drag racing techniques. Each participant will make incremental runs allowing us to observe your procedures. Our goal is to make corrections throughout the day allowing you to go further down track and work on any weaknesses you may feel you have.

The opportunity to qualify for your NHRA license will be available if all runs are done successfully. Additional runs, if needed to complete a license, may be available based on time. If you successfully complete the course, you will leave with all necessary paperwork to submit to NHRA to receive your license (NHRA fees may apply). Your car must meet all NHRA specifications, such as; current chassis certification, current seat belts & equipment and must run the required 9.9 ET or better, prior to the course beginning.

We will video the runs for instructional purposes if necessary.

  • Brush up on your skills
  • Improve your drag racing techniques
  • Have the opportunity to qualify for your NHRA license