Ride Along In A Dragster

Have you watched cars travel down the drag strip at unbelievable speeds and thought "I would love to try that?"  Well here’s your opportunity!

Suit up and jump in for a mind blowing ride in this 800+ horse power machine! Driven by one of our professional licensed drivers, who will do a long smoky burnout, then stage the racecar fueling your anticipation, you will take a breathtaking launch you will never forget, as you cover hundreds of feet in just a second, reaching speeds of well over 140 mph, in just 9 seconds!

  • Choose 1 or 2 Runs Down The Strip
  • Smoky Burnout and Launch You Won’t Forget
  • Belted in a 800 Horse Power Mean Machine
  • Take the Ride of Your Life!

In-Car video available for this program

Check out this video from a real customer