Super Comp Dragster Licensing Course

This is a one day course for those with previous experience in drag racing now looking to get certified.

The opportunity to qualify for your NHRA license will be available if all runs are done successfully. Additional runs, if needed to complete a license, may be available based on time. If you successfully complete the course, you will leave with all necessary paperwork to submit to NHRA to receive your license. (NHRA fees may apply).

We will video the runs for instructional purposes if necessary. In-car video available for $100.

Call for available dates and locations.

Super Comp Vehicle Description

  • 230” wheelbase
  • 4 link dragster
  • Big Block Chevy with approximately 800 HP
  • Two Speed Power Glide Transmission, electronically shifted
  • Equipped with all the appropriate gauges
  • A dedenbear delay box, which controls your starting line trans brake
  • Capable of 8 second 1/4 mile times
  • Has been used in competition on a regular basis
  • Race at over 150mph
  • Get your NHRA License
  • 800hp Big Block!
  • Capable of low 8 1/4 mile times!