Give The ULTIMATE Gift Of Speed…..
This year give the gift they will remember for a lifetime!!!!

This is the Perfect Gift for any Holiday or Celebration! No more shirt and tie that they will never wear! No more wasted gift vouchers for stores they don’t shop at!
Ride Along in in a Two Seated 150 mph Dragster, drag race a Camaro or better yet let them Drive a Dragster themselves…..OR buy one for yourself and see what all the hype is about. You WON’T be disappointed!   

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*Please note that your seat is not confirmed until your Gift Voucher has been redeemed for a specific date and time. Seats are limited.

Dragster Blast Ride Along

Take the Ride of your Life in one of our high-powered 2-Seated Dragsters, reaching speeds of well over 140 mph!

  • Choose 1 or 2 Runs Down The Strip
  • Smoky Burnout and Launch You Won’t Forget
  • Belted in a 800 Horse Power Mean Machine
  • Take the Ride of Your Life!

Starting at $199

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Dragster Drive Experience

Buckle up & hold on for an Adrenaline Rush like no other when you get behind the wheel in one of our 130 mph, 10 second dragsters!

  • Choose 2, 3 or 4 Runs Down The Strip
  • Smoky Burnout and Launch You Won’t Forget
  • Race at Speeds of 130mph
  • Run 1/4 Mile in 10 Seconds!

Starting at $399

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Side By Side Camaro Competition

Are you looking to beat your buddy? Well pair up against them in a SS Camaro and launch off the line to win those bragging rights!

  • Reach Speeds over 100mph in seconds!
  • Perfect for the competitive type!
  • Get 2 side-by-side runs
  • If you keep winning, you keep racing!
  • Pro-style single elimination
  • Trophy for our Winner!

Starting at $299

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Camaro Ride Along

Ride Shotgun in the Camaro SS Drag Cars, hit over 100 MPH in the ¼ Mile!

  • Cross Drag Racing off the Bucket List with this pro ride-along
  • Reach Speeds over 100mph in seconds!
  • Add up to 2 back-seat passengers for just $29.00 each.

Starting at $99

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Extreme Drive Experience

Have you done our Dragster Drive Experience and now want to go even FASTER? Step up to our new Extreme driving program where you can hit speeds of approximately 150mph!!

  • 6 Runs Down The Strip
  • Smoky Burnout and Launch You Won’t Forget
  • Race at Speeds of approximately 150mph
  • Only 6 seats available at each event

Starting at $1999

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Super Comp Dragster Licensing

Is it time to step up your skills and go faster? Jump in one of our Super Comp Dragsters, which will blast you down the track at up to 150+ mph!

  • Race at over 150mph
  • Get your NHRA License
  • 800hp Big Block!
  • Capable of low 8 1/4 mile times!

Starting at $2195

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Bring Your Own Car

Whether you’re looking to qualify for your NHRA License or just want to get some one-on-one coaching to improve your game, we’re happy to help you accomplish that.

  • Brush up on your skills
  • Improve your drag racing techniques
  • Have the opportunity to qualify for your NHRA license

Starting at $995

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